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5 Powerful Ways to Eliminate Dark Spots and Bring Glow to Skin!

As we get older, our skin it attacked by UV rays, harmful substance, our environment and a lot of other things which can cause dark spots and make your skin look dull. In this article, we are going to look at 5 powerful and simple ways to

Review – Mary Kay Timewise Matte Wear Liquid Foundation

What is it? It’s a liquid foundation that is designed specifically for combination-to-oily skin. What Skin-type is this Product Good For? Combination, oily, and sensitive acne-prone skin types. This liquid foundation makeup contains special microspheres that work all day to absorb excess oil produced by your skin.

Review – CoverGirl Clean Sensitive Skin Liquid Makeup

What is it? It’s a liquid foundation makeup that is perfectly good for people with sensitive skin. What Skin-type is this Product Good For? It is extremely good for people who have sensitive skin. I have sensitive skin, and have used this product for a long time

Review – CoverGirl Trublend Liquid Make Up Foundation

What is it? It’s a liquid makeup foundation that is perfect for normal, dry, sensitive and oily skin types. What Skin-type is this Product Good For? This makeup foundation is absolutely perfect for people who have dry, normal, sensitive or oily skin. However, if you have an

Review – Maybelline New York Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation

What is it? Dream Liquid Mousse is an air-whipped liquid makeup foundation designed for normal skin-type. What Skin-type is this Product Good For? It’s an excellent daily-use foundation for people with normal skin-type. If you have oily-skin, then this foundation is not for you. It doesn’t control

Review – L’oreal Ideal Balance Quickstick Balancing Foundation for Combination Skin

What is it? This is a product made especially for combination skin. It is a perfect solution for all types of areas whether oily or dry. If you are looking for something that is quick, fast, smart and efficient in producing results then this is the real

Review – Hourglass Veil Fluid Makeup Oil Free SPF 15

What does it offer? A liquid foundation that offers medium coverage treatment. What is its specialty? It is made to ensure that you get a luminous skin that lasts for a long interval of time. This feature makes it stand out from the rest of the competitors

How to Cure Severe Hormonal Acne Scars Naturally with Home Remedies

Nobody likes acne! It’s a very common skin problem among people of all ages. If you notice, teenagers are affected the most. Part of reason why teenagers get acne the most is their increased hormone levels. When you are growing, there are all kinds of hormones rushing

2 Simple Tips on How to Choose the Best Noncomedogenic Face Moisturizing Lotion

The term noncomedogenic refers to a substance that won’t clog your pores or irritate your skin. Most makeup and skincare products today are noncomedogenic but some still have very heavy substances and additives that can be irritating and cause breakouts. Consider some quick tips on how to

Lipsticks That Go Really Well With Dark Skin

There are people out there with all kinds of skin-tones, and they all face different challenges when it comes to selecting the best lipstick. The process of selecting the right lipstick, which looks good with dark skin tone, can be difficult and challenging. I have met many