5 Best Powder Foundations That You Can Afford

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When it comes to selecting good makeup, liquid foundations top the list. We have talked about selecting good liquid foundations for various skin types in the past. In this article, we are going to look at the best powder foundations and their benefits.

Before we talk any more about the powder foundations, let’s first look at the five best ones. The powder foundations listed below are good quality, affordable, and tested by hundreds of women.

  • Modern powder foundation
  • Totally natural
  • Developed from minerals and plant extracts (pink opal and pink algae)
  • Pink opal makes your skin more radiant
  • Pink algae hydrates it
  • Not very expensive and totally worth the price
  • Absolutely perfect for oily skin-types
  • Equally effective for other skin-types
  • This foundation doesn’t need much explanation. It is that awesome!
  • Contains double sided gold radiance pigments (one side is opaque, and the other is golden)
  • Opaque side works on imperfections and dull skin areas
  • Golden side brings out the creamy smooth texture
  • Blends seamlessly
  • Doesn’t bring fine lines to attention
  • Contains anti-aging properties
  • Results in satiny supple finish
  • Provides good coverage
  • Remains on face, and in place, for 8 hours
  • Using a primer with this foundation makes things even better!
  • Doesn’t need many touch-ups throughout the day
  • Package contains a application brush with antibacterial properties, and it allows for easy application wherever you go
  • Very very good coverage!
  • You feel as if you don’t have any makeup on your face
  • Gives you flawless look

Although liquid foundations are most popular, powder foundations are beginning to find their place. Mineral powder foundations, in particular, are becoming increasingly popular these days. With advancing technology, manufacturers are developing cosmetic products that go easy on our skin and are less damaging.

With so many powder foundations in the drugstores nowadays, finding the best mineral powder foundation can still be a daunting task. Therefore, we compiled a list of some great powder foundations for you, which is shown above. Browse through them and see which one you prefer.

There are many sub-kinds of powder foundations, which make selection every harder. You can find pressed powder foundations, loose powder foundations, liquid powder foundations, cream to powder foundations, and liquid to powder foundations among many others. Which one you decide to use depends on your personal preference and your skin-type. But, no matter which one you go with, powder foundations are very light and healthy for your skin.

Liquid Foundation vs. Powder Foundation

good powder foundation with brushOne question that many people ask is whether they should use liquid or powder foundation. Again, the answer to this question depends on your skin type and personal preference. If you have oily skin, then powder foundation is perfect for you. It absorbs the excess oil produced throughout the day.

Liquid foundation, on the other hand, does not absorb excess oil. But, it does provide you skin some extra moisture, and is most suitable for people with dry skin. Liquid foundations also tend to streak, and don’t go well in sweating and humid conditions. Powder foundations are good for such conditions.

Best powder foundation for oily skin is the one that can absorb excess oil, provide decent coverage without streaking, remains light on skin, and one that doesn’t clog pores. Liquid foundations can sometime clog the pores, isolating your skin in a way, and affecting its health. If you don’t need full coverage, powder foundation is the way to go.

I have seen a lot of women who complain about their oily skin (especially in the “T” region), and how they are not able to find a good foundation. Most liquid foundations that they have tried either don’t provide complete coverage or they don’t remain put for long and start to streak. This is a problem as it makes the wrinkles and fine lines appear larger. If you have this problem, you need to try this foundation by Hourgass Immaculate. It is the best cream to powder foundation that is light on your skin and deals with skin oil effectively.

Proper Application of Powder Foundation is Important

I have also met women who don’t prefer powder foundation. They say that they don’t get the “real skin feel” with powder foundations. But that fact is that most of them don’t apply the powder makeup properly. I have found this one technique of applying powder foundation that works the best. So here’s what you want to do.

  1. Get your best powder foundation and large powder brush. While holding the brush horizontally, and with back-and-forth motion, get the powder on the sides of the brush.
  2. Now repeatedly press the bristles of brush on your skin, and get the powder on evenly. Do it in circular motion; it helps your build desired coverage.
  3. Lightly dust it with powder, and use your translucent powder to set it. That’s it, you are done!


In conclusion, I hope this article helps you find best powder foundation. To get the flawless skin that you desire, you have to make sure that you get the right product, and apply it properly. Applying properly is the key! Thanks for reading.

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