What You Need to Know About Anti-aging and Firming Creams

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I’m sure you all have noticed the abundance of anti-aging products that we see and hear about daily. From your local drugstore to television advertisements, we see these anti-aging products everywhere. Most of these products claim that they will magically vanish your wrinkles, lift and firm your skin. Is it really true?

The fact is, No! Such claim are not very genuine and stretch the truth a little too much. It is not that these anti-wrinkle creams don’t provide any value for your skin. They do. But they are poorly formulated and are unable to keep their promises.

I have listed some of the anti-aging/wrinkle creams that i recommend you to try. Compared to other similar products in the market, these ones work much better and are worth your money.

Recommended Anti-aging Products

Clairene Intensive Anti Wrinkle Moisturizer

Moisture Boost Daily Restoring Complex SPF 30

RESIST Intensive Wrinkle-Repair Retinol Serum

RESIST Weekly Resurfacing Treatment with 10% AHA

Have you heard about the dermal filling, lasers, and cosmetic surgical procedures? They can really help you with the lifting and firming of your skin. No matter which cream you use, you can never get results similar to those obtained by such medical procedures. If you know what’s in these top anti-aging creams and what they do to your skin, you can really save a lot of money.

What’s in Anti-aging Face Creams

The two most important molecules in your skin, which help it look and feel younger are elastin and collagen. When your skin is stretched, elastin is what brings it back to it’s original shape. When elastin in your skin damages, your skin becomes saggy.

When you are young, your body makes plenty of elastin to keep it looking young and stretchable. With enough elastin, your skin is able to stretch properly and then come back to it’s original shape. However, as you get older, your body stops producing this very important fibre. Furthermore, exposure to sun causes even more damage to the elastin that is present in your skin. Together, these two environmental factors (aging and sun exposure) cause elastin to degrade; your skin becomes saggy and your start to get wrinkles.

Most of the top anti aging creams don’t contain ingredients that can firm or lift your skin. They are a complete waste of your money. No matter what you do, it is almost impossible for your skin to make more elastin once you are old. Even the medical procedures can’t help you with this.

Anti-aging Creams that Contain Elastin or Collagen

You’ll notice that some of the anti-aging face creams (and other products) contain elastin and collagen. As we discussed earlier, these two are important fibres for your skin. But, there is one problem. Collagen and elastin available in these creams can’t fuse with the elastin and collagen present in your skin. The size of these molecules in the cream is just way too large for it to get inside your skin.

Science has advanced quite a bit over the last decade. Scientists have found ways or engineered the fibres to make them small. Small molecules are able to get inside your skin. But then there is another problem, these “engineered” molecules don’t know which elastin to bind to and which one to leave alone. So the specificity issue is still there.


In conclusion, be extra careful when you are selecting anti-aging or skin lifting products. Go with the ones that a lot of people have tried before and got good results. With such products, you are likely to get other benefits for your skin as well.

Also, try to preserve the elastin and collagen that your already have in your skin. Never forget to wear sunscreen with SPF of at least 15 when you go out of house. Radiation from sun can really damage your skin and cause premature aging.

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