How to Apply Liquid Foundation – Step By Step Guide

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Liquid foundation is one of those products that can be quite difficult or boring to apply. In this short guide, I’m going to show how to apply liquid foundation. Most liquid foundations are constantly changing, and basic routine just doesn’t do it. It may seem like a tedious task for some. Once you apply the liquid foundation, and feel that you have everything done correctly, even a small interruption can make it all go astray. For example, if there is product left in your brush from previous application, and it has solidified, it can mess up your look for the rest of your day.

Like many of you, even I have tried hundreds of different methods of applying liquid foundations. I have tried different kinds of foundation, different brushes, and all kinds of other stuff. But in the end, I have finally found a method that works for me. Now what works for may not work for you, but I will share it with you all to try anyways. What follows below is the best way to apply liquid foundation according to me.

  1. Pick Your Favourite Liquid Foundation
    Firs thing first, take that favourite liquid foundation of yours. If you do not have a favourite foundation that you use, or are having a trouble picking the best liquid foundation for yourself, then check out this page. On that page we compare top brands, and based on user ratings, we have listed the best foundations. I’m sure you will find the right foundation there.
    Ok, so once you have the liquid foundation that you like, pour a small amount on your hand (or palette). The amount you need depends on your skin. I usually take amount less than the size of a nickel or a quarter.
  2. Take a Dense Brush
    Now, to apply the foundation on your face, you need a dense foundation brush with a flat-top. Take the brush and dip it into foundation you have on your hand. Dip the products on your nose first, then your cheeks, then borders of your face, and lastly the chin. Note that one dip into the foundation should be enough to dot all of these areas I mentioned.
  3. Nose is Starting Point
    With brush in your hand, start stippling at the nose. Cover the small areas and then gradually move to the cheeks. Once cheeks are done, move to the face borders. You want to be stippling products toward the center of your face. Now do the same with your chin.
  4. With Remaining Foundation on Your Brush
    With what is now left on your brush, you want to cover the area above the top and bottom of your lips. At this point, you want to avoid stippling the area where you have smile lines. We will come back to this later.
  5. Forehead
    Now take some more products onto your brush, and cover the forehead. Make sure you cover it all the way into your hairline, or it may look weird. Your hairline is as noticeable as your jawline, so make sure you cover it well and properly. At this point, your entire face should be covered, except smile lines.
  6. Area Below Jawline
    Take whatever amount of product that is left on your hand (shouldn’t be too much), and dot it on the area below your jawline. Stipple it upwards and connect it with the product on your face. Once that is done, fade the bottom part with your neck so that product’s isn’t visible. Also stipple the area where your ears connect to the face.
  7. Stipple Entire Face
    Now you want to stipple the entire face. Use whatever amount of product left on your hand and apply it. This will make sure that the foundation is distributed evenly at all surfaces. This is the time when you cover your smile lines. When you stipple over your smile lines area, it will only apply a small amount of foundation. As a result, your smile lines won’t crease.
  8. Buffing
    Once your entire face is covered, you want to buff it with the same brush going in clockwise circular motion. This will blur any imperfections you might have, and also remove any extra product on your face. As a result, it will give you even and natural looking skin-tone.
  9. Let is Set
    Let the foundation set for a while (give it about 3-5 minutes). Once the time period is over, blot all over your face using a tissue. Buff off any area where you feel the product have creased.
  10. Apply the Powder
    You now want to finish it off by applying some loose powder with a puff. Apply any other products that you usually apply after the foundation and you are done!

I know this guide is long but the whole process only takes about 5-8 minutes once you get used to it. I hope you enjoyed reading this how to apply liquid foundation guide, and it helps you obtain even looking skin-tone. Feel free to share your best way to apply liquid foundation with us all.

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