How To Select Appropriate Concealer And Apply it Properly

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There is no doubt that an appropriate concealer is an important part of women’s make-up box. With proper application, a right concealer has the ability to improve your appearance dramatically. Because of your hectic work schedule and other activities, you might not be able to get proper amount of rest at night. That usually leads to tiredness in the morning when you get up; the bad thing is that it shows on your face. Another person can easily tell that you are tired by just looking at you.

Concealers have the ability to mask that appearance. It can make a tired looking face fresh after the application. This is one of the major benefits of concealers, but it is not the only one. It is used to mask blemishes, pimples, dark circles under the eyes, and many other face imperfections. Concealers provide a much greater coverage when compared to foundations and other make-up products. Liquid foundations are commonly used to mask minor imperfections of the skin, or to just even out skin tone. Normally people apply concealer and then the foundation. Some individuals do not use foundation at all, and use concealer as the only make-up.

Concealers are not very popular among ladies and the reason being selection and application. It is difficult to pick the right concealer shade because they have higher coverage and people don’t know how to apply it properly. Here in this article, I’m going to give you the basic and fundamental information about picking the best concealer. Hopefully, after reading this, you are able to pick one for yourself without much trouble. You might end up liking your concealer more than your foundation.

Which Concealer is Right for You?

When you look at all the concealers available at the market, you come across thousands of different brands and types. It can be difficult selecting the appropriate one. I have been at that stage and I know how difficult it was for me to pick one for myself.

So when picking a concealer, you want the one that is yellow based. Selecting shade is also quite important. Determine your skin tone, and get a concealer that is one or two shades (not more) lighter than your skin tone. If you get a shade way too lighter, it will look unnatural when you apply it on your face. You want it looking as normal as possible.

One more thing that I believe you should be aware of is the time of the year. During the summer months, your skin tone is usually slightly darker because of the exposure to sun. For this duration of the year, you want a shade that is also a little darker, so it blends well with your present skin tone. And for the other months, you want your regular one.

When Should You Apply Concealer

Now that you have picked a concealer for yourself, let’s look at the application bit. Usually, people apply concealer before they apply foundation or anything other make-up. This is not a universal rule, and which one you apply first depends on what you are trying to mask. For example, if all you are doing is trying to hide dark circles under the eyes, then you want to apply concealer first and then foundation. On the other hand, if you are masking a pimple or blemishes, you want to apply foundation first and then concealer. If you apply concealer first, then it will be brushed away when you apply foundation, not something you want.

There are no hard and set rules when it comes to application really. See what works best for you and what makes you feel good; just go with that.

How Should You Apply Concealer

When applying a concealer, you want to apply it in thin layers and then build up as you need more coverage. Apply dots of concealer where ever required on your face; blend it with your finger or a brush. Apply some more if you require more coverage. Once done, set it well with a very fine and loose powder using a fluffy brush. That’s it.

Different Solution for Dark Circles

We often have those dark circles under our eyes that we don’t like. Although normal concealers can help us cover them; but they are not very efficient. I would like to inform you that there are now concealers available that are designed specifically for masking dark circles. They contain special ingredients to brighten the dark circle area and give you an even skin tone.

There you have it! I hope the information provided here help you pick an appropriate concealer, and also helps you apply it better. If you find this article useful, please share it with your friends and family. Thanks for reading.

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