3 Anti-Wrinkle Pillows You Wish You Knew about Sooner

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All of us have heard that beauty sleep is important but you might be getting more wrinkles if you aren’t using an anti-wrinkle pillow. In this article we are going to look at three pillows that are known to prevent sleep wrinkles.

Exposure to environment, unhealthy eating habits, and reduced production of important fibers, such as collagen and elastin, are just some of the reasons why we get wrinkles. Wrinkles that you get around your eyes and mouth due to smiling are normal.

You can’t do much to avoid those. But, what about the unwanted ones? The ones you get from the way your face rests on your pillow overnight. Regular pillows cause compression on our face, which leads to creasing and wrinkles. You can avoid these if you use an anti-wrinkle pillow.

However, picking an anti-aging pillow can be a daunting task. They are many kinds of them for you to choose. In this article, we are going to go over some of them and talk about the good and bad features. Using such pillows along with anti-wrinkle face creams can reduce and prevent wrinkles quite well.

Anti-Wrinkle Beauty Pillow

This luxury beauty pillow is designed and manufactured by Vasseur Skincare International. It is designed to prevent wrinkles that are formed due to sleep. Another good thing about this pillow is that it keeps your hair from tangling.

One problem associated with most anti-wrinkle pillows is that they don’t support your neck very well. However, this one does! It keeps your face appropriately elevated and neck supported throughout night. Also, it doesn’t absorb your skin products, and is a good choice for those who like to sleep on the side, back, or stomach. Manufacturer also claims that this pillow reduces snoring and alleviates TMJ.

Now let’s go over some of the “bad” things about this pillow. First of all, it’s a little pricey. People also note a strange smell when they open the packaging, but, that smell goes away within a couple hours or so. That’s not bad. Some people wash the pillow before using and smell goes away.

The major setback here for the users is that it may take you some time to get used to this pillow. Which is the case for anything that’s new to us. I have tried this pillow, and honestly, my first night wasn’t really a great one. Although I didn’t get any wrinkles in the morning, but I was a little uncomfortable all night.

It took me a week to get used to it, and now it’s a pillow I use every day! Just like a regular pillow. If you do end up getting this pillow, try using it when you are not sleeping first.

Try using it when you are watching a movie or something at home, or watching a TV, or taking a nap. Just to get into the comfort zone. It worked for me, I hope it work for you too.

Save My Face Anti-Aging Pillow

For those of us we can’t afford the luxury anti-aging pillow shown above, this pillow may be a good option.

This one has a double crescent shape that allows you to sleep on either side you choose without moving the actually. You can easily fold this anti-wrinkle pillow in half and get neck support while you sleep on your back.

Good thing about this pillow is that it is very light weight. You can carry it with you anywhere you go. If you travel by car and airplane a lot, then this may be a really good option. It’s machine-washable, good for hair and skin, and affordable! If you feel that this pillow is not high enough, you can even put it over top of your regular pillow.

The only “bad” thing about this pillow, like any other anti-aging pillow, is that it takes a while to get used to it. Once you are comfortable with it, you would love the wrinkle-free face every morning.

Milliard Memory Foam Anti-wrinkle Beauty Pillow

If the two pillows mentioned above are not comfortable for you, don’t worry, there’s another option. You may try this Milliard Memory Foam anti-wrinkle pillow. It has a wave like design that greatly reduces the compression on your face.

It supports you head, neck and shoulders quite well and helps you get restful sleep at night. And of course, it prevent the wrinkles. Some people have experienced that this pillow doesn’t do that good of a job compared to the other pillows listed above.

It’s true for some as the design is made to keep a good balance between comfort and function of preventing wrinkles.

There’s a trade-off with this pillow. It is a LOT more comfortable than the other two, in the beginning, and prevents the wrinkles quite well. As you get used to the, the pillow listed above work so much better.

So, in the end, the choice here is yours. Get the one that you have the budget for and the one you like. I hope you found the information here useful, and it helps you select a good, comfortable and affordable anti-aging pillow for yourself.

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