How to Select Makeup Brush for Liquid Foundation

With so many brands of brushes available in the market, it can be difficult to select the right liquid foundation brush. This is especially true for beginners who are just starting their make-up selection journey. I know selecting good brush, and liquid foundations can be quite difficult when you first start to use these make-up products. So the purpose of this article is to help you understand the different types of makeup brushes, and which ones work best for certain foundations. I hope you find the tips that I’m about to share here helpful.

If you are also need help selecting the best foundation for yourself, you may want to check out our main page here. Once you have the foundation selected, and have the appropriate brushes for application, you need to know how to apply it properly. I have written an article which teaches you how to apply liquid foundation, which can be found here.

Many Kinds of Liquid Foundation Brushes

If you go to your drugstore and look around the cosmetic section, you will find plenty of makeup brushes. There are just so many brands available out there, and they all come in different sizes and shapes. Each and every single type of brush you see out there has its own use. You just have to know which one to use for desired outcome you are looking for.

Although these brushes come in different shapes and sizes, most of them have one thing common; that is they are all made from synthetic fibre. You should also know that brushes aren’t absolutely necessary for applying foundation on your skin. You may also use a sponge (damp or not) or just apply the foundation with your fingers. But most people these days apply foundations with liquid foundation brushes. Have you even seen professionals applying foundation with their fingers? I bet not.

The reason why most people use brushes to apply foundation is because the quality of brushes has evolved significantly over time. We have really good brushes available at our disposal these days. They are very smooth, dense (if needed), don’t absorb makeup products, provide awesome finish, and come with many more features.

Classic Liquid Foundation Brushes

Oval shaped foundation brushes were the common types of brushes that were used in the past. They were also the first ones to be designed. The major different between the brushes of different brands was the stiffness of their synthetic fibres. Some brushes have really soft and some have very stiff fibres. You need to pick a brush that picks up and blends the foundation well with your skin. If it is a soft brush, makeup product won’t be distributed evenly. If the fibres are too stiff, then it may not slide well on your face.

Another thing that is important to consider is the width of the brush. Narrow brushes can reach small areas on the face. Large brushes are commonly used to cover the other parts.

Pointed Foundation Brushes

These types of brushes are modern, and designed to reach all of the different parts of the face. They work really well for the area under your eyes, nose and chin. Another important feature of these brushes is that they blend the foundation perfectly on your face.

Stippling Foundation Brushes

These brushes are modern, new generation, new concept and are absolutely amazing when it comes to applying liquid foundation. The good thing about these brushes is that they are not only good at applying foundation, but also at applying other creamy products, such as primers, highlighters, cream blushes.

If you were looking to achieve airbrushed flawless look, this is the type of brush you want to use. They are composed of two common fibres: natural (black) and synthetic (white). When using this brush, you are gently tapping it on your face (stippling), and not leaving any strokes.

Buffing Brushes

Another new type of foundation brushes, which evolved with the rise of mineral foundations. This kind of brush is dense and has a flat surface. Its purpose is to blend and buff the liquid foundation into skin. It works great for applying liquid foundation and for also applying powder products.


I hope this article helped you understand the different types of brushes that are available out there. There are many parameters that you need to look at when selecting a liquid makeup brush. Makeup brushes come in different sizes, shapes, lengths, type of fibres and their density. I would suggest that you try out different brushes to see which one works best for you.

Decision for selecting the right brush depends on your foundation as well. If you are using a thick and creamy foundation, you would want a brush that is slightly stiffer. This will ensure that you are able to pick, smear and blend the product well into your skin. Same logic goes for light foundations; you want a stippling brush (or similar one with normal fibres) to apply it properly. There you have it, I hope these tips and information helps you pick the best makeup brush for yourself.