5 Best Foundations for Fair Skin

It can be hard to find best foundation for fair skin. Over the past ten years, I have come across many people who have had this issue. Selecting a proper foundation for fair or pale skin can be quite a daunting task. If you have sensitive skin, you may also want to check this article.

Lighter shades aren’t widely available due to economic reasons. Stores in many countries don’t carry lighter shades because there aren’t many people buying them.

What most of my customers told me was that they tried a lot of different kinds of foundations in the past. They tried their best to select the foundation for fair skin, but the shades never really worked for them. They always ended up with an “orangy” or unnatural look.

My purpose of writing this article is to share with you some of the best foundations I use for fair and pale skin. I will only list those foundations that are widely available. They can also be purchased online. I have used these foundations on a LOT of people with fair skin, and the results were incredible. I hope you find my list helpful.

1. NARS Sheer Glow – Siberia

This is one of the best foundations for fair skin with satin finish. You can build it to full coverage. Apart from its daily use, it’s also a good foundation for weddings where a lot of photos are taken. Resulting photos are amazing!

If you have combination or oily skin, it is perfect for you. Not so perfect if you have really really dry skin. Before applying this foundation, make sure you exfoliate and moisture your skin well. Read this if you need help applying liquid foundation.

Over at Amazon, it has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 with numerous positive reviews. This foundation is highly recommended.


2. MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation – NW10

This foundation deserves to be on this list because it was designed specifically for individuals with fair and pale skin. Creators over at MAC developed this product for Irish skin.

It has a rare neutral shade which suits a lot of people. Excellent for oily and combination skin types, and results in a matte finish. It contains oil-free formula, provides medium-buildable coverage, and comes with broad spectrum SPF 15.

Rated as one of the top foundations over at amazon, you should definitely check this out!


3. Rimmel London – Match Perfection – 010 Light Porcelain

Not very expensive and works just as well as other foundations out there for fair skin. Two foundations that I have listed above may not work very well with dry skin. However, this one does! It works well on all types of skins.

It has neutral pale shade, doesn’t make you look yellow or pink, and results in a fresh dewy finish. If your skin is really oily, you may want to powder that a little bit more.


4. Makeup Forever HD Invisible Cover Foundation

It is another one of the best foundations for pale and fair skin. Because it is available in many shades, you will definitely find the shade that works best for your skin tone.

If you have a slightly pinkish undertone, check out the 107, 110 and 115 shades. These are going to work really well for your skin.

If you have yellowish undertone, then you should try the 117 shade. I have seen this shade to work really well, and it goes on really smooth as well.

It provides medium to full coverage, hides many facial imperfections, and evens out your skin-tone. Check it out!


5. Revlon ColorStay Make-up – Ivory

It is one of the best drugstore foundations available for fair skin and pale skin. It comes in two different formulas designed for dry and oily skin. You should know your skin-type before you select this product.

This foundation makes use of a special time release technology to help fight excess oil or dry skin throughout the day. There are many shades out there for you to choose from; but Ivory works best for pale and fair skins.

Rating of this foundation is 4.2 stars out of 5, over at Amazon with plenty of positive reviews by consumers. It’s a cheaper alternative to foundations listed above, do check it out.


There you have it. I hope the information shared via this article helps you find a best foundation for fair skin. If you have any question or concerns, let me know. Thanks for reading!

9 Best Foundations For Sensitive Skin

Foundation can be both good and bad; it all depends on the formula and the ingredients it contains. If you select the right formula, it provides excellent coverage and hides facial imperfections. If you select the wrong formula, then it may cause skin irritation. The purpose of this article is to help you select the best foundation for sensitive skin. If you have normal skin, go here to find the top liquid foundation that you may find beneficial.

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Let’s now look at some of the best foundations available for sensitive skin.

Cover FX Cosmetic Products – Make-up Foundations

Cover FX is the first brand that comes to mind when dealing with sensitive skin. Cover FX products are made specifically for sensitive (non-comedogenic) skin types. The aim of their formulas is to improve your skin tone over time, cater all types of skins, and prevent the use of inflammatory ingredients which irritate skin.
Their products include vitamins, emollients, redness reducers, and are free of parabens, fragrances, gluten, talc and mineral oil. They don’t contain the bad ingredients we talked about earlier.

1. Cover FX Total Cover Cream Foundation

It is one of their most popular foundations that I have used in the past. It is excellent! Comes in more than 30 shades and can be used as either a concealer or foundation. It contains anti-aging benefits, provides medium to full coverage, provides protection from sun (SPF 30), and most importantly, doesn’t contain the “bad” ingredients that cause irritation. It is a perfect foundation for individuals with sensitive skin!

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2. Cover FX Pressed Mineral Foundation

It is excellent for those individuals who have oily skin. This foundation is talc-free, available in 24 shades, provides sheer to full coverage with matte finish, moisturises skin, absorbs oil throughout the day, and doesn’t dry on skin (no cakey appearance). Once again, it doesn’t contain the irritants and is perfect for sensitive skin. Here’s another foundation that’s really good for oily skin.

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3. Cover FX Natural Finish Oil Free Foundation

Perfect for those individuals who have sensitive and dry skin. People with dry skin need a foundation that provides moisture and doesn’t contain the irritants. This foundation does that job; it provides the moisture that is needed and doesn’t contain the “bad” ingredients. It also contains vitamins with anti-aging effects.

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Youngblood Minerals Cosmetic Products

Youngblood has its roots in dermatology and plastic surgery; no doubt these products are of high quality. These products were developed specifically for individuals suffering from inflamed or discoloured skin. Youngblood formulas contain all the healthy ingredients and avoid all the “bad” ones. Minerals help you build maximum coverage and at the same time remain “no-weight” on your skin. They are so light; you won’t even feel it on your face!

4. Youngblood Natural Mineral Foundation

If you want naturally flawless looking skin, then this is the foundation you want. It is made up of minerals into an ultra-fine powder that dispenses precisely from the container for application. It provides buildable coverage without any glitter or shimmer.

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5. Youngblood Liquid Mineral Foundation

Do you have dry and sensitive skin? If your answer was yes, then this is the foundation you want. This foundation is irritants free and provides adequate moisturizer you need. It contains a special hydrating complex that keeps your skin moisturized and healthy looking. Another benefit of Youngblood liquid mineral foundation is that it doesn’t clog pores, and remain on skin for hours.

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6. Youngblood Pressed Mineral Foundation

Again, Youngblood products are safe, healthy and excellent for sensitive skins. This pressed mineral foundation is perfect for those individuals who have oily skin. It has excellent concealing and oil-controlling properties. Application results in matte finish, and can be applied over liquid or loose foundation.

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7. LORAC Breakthrough Performance Foundation

This is one foundation that caters all types of skins. It is suitable for any skin types and does not contain chemicals which cause skin irritation. One thing that I love about this product is the price. It is cheap! And it provides anti-aging benefits, excellent for sensitive skin, has SPF 14, and has hydrating ingredients. It is one of my favourites.

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8. LORAC Natural Performance Foundation

It contains all the good stuff found in Breakthrough Performance Foundation, but it is designed specifically for oily skins. It contains ingredients that absorb excess oils, and keep your skin looking fresher and radiant throughout the day.

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9. LORAC Oil-Free Wet/Dry Powder Foundation

For those of you who are not a huge fan of liquid foundations, this is a good powder foundation for all skin types. It contains oil and fragrance-free formula that has the ability to absorb excess oil if needed. It provides sheer to full coverage, and contains a whole bunch of vitamins to soothe out your skin.

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Ingredients That Don’t Go Well with Sensitive Skin

People with sensitive skin are more prone to redness, itching, acne, and even eczema in some cases. If you experience any of these symptoms after applying a specific foundation, you should stop using that product immediately. Look for a liquid foundation formula that contains less reactive chemicals.

A good foundation for sensitive is the one that doesn’t contain oils, fragrances, parabens, glutens, and doesn’t clog your pores. Before purchasing a foundation, scan the list of ingredients and avoid if it contains any irritants.

Here’s a list of things you DON’T want in the ingredient list. Fragrance (even if it’s just a tiny amount), cinnamates or methylcinnamate, lanolin, mineral oil, sorbic acid, and helioplex. If your foundation contains any of these, avoid!

There you have it guys. The brands and their specific products listed above are well known for the types of skins they cater. Using the information found in this article, I hope you find your best foundation for sensitive skin.

Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation Review

We all know how important it is to have a good liquid foundation. It sets the “stage” for the rest of the make-up. Liquid foundations are my favourite because of the kind of coverage they provide. Apart from good coverage, they provide my skin some extra moisture, and also result in flawless looks.

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Most people have different skin-types, so the kind of products they can apply is also different. Some individuals have oily skin, some have dry, and some have a combination of both. If you have a sensitive skin, you may want to check this post. If you have a fair skin, and are having trouble finding the right make-up, you definitely want to check the recommendations listed here.

In this article, I’m going to be reviewing Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation. “Miracle for Oily Skin” is the slogan this foundation product comes with. Is it really a miracle for oily skin? Let’s see.

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Hourglass has been making beauty products since 2004. It’s a brand that comes with a lot of reputation, and their products go through stringent quality control. One thing I always look for, before buying any cosmetic products, is the reputation of the brand. I usually only get products from trusted brands and Hourglass is one of them.

immaculateHourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundations is designed for individuals suffering from oily skin. We know how “bad” an oily face looks, and also requires a lot of touch-ups throughout the day. These constant touch-ups can cause irritation when you have to do them multiples times every day. So this product by Hourglass is a good solution to solve such problems.

It works really well with oily, combination, or acne-prone skin. Covers all the blemishes and other facial flaws, and provides an amazing matte finish. Another good thing is that it lasts longer, so you won’t need to apply pressed powder every so often.

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These aren’t the only benefits of this liquid to powder foundation. There are more; it has anti-wrinkle properties as well. I really want to mention that this product contains a whole bunch of botanicals which are known to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Some of those botanicals include Phytostem Edelweiss, Himalyan plant, Lavandonx and many more.

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Basically, these herbal plant ingredients help keep your skin healthy, reduce appearance of wrinkles, and prevent cells from external damage. It provides all these benefits while absorbing the excess oil from skin, and controlling the shine.

If you have oily, acne-prone, or combination skin then you definitely want this product. It comes with sixteen different shades so I’m sure you will find the right shade for yourself. Name of the sixteen shades available are the following: Pearl, Vanilla, Porcelain, Shell, Natural, Ivory, Nude, Golden, Light Beige, Sand, Tan, Honey Beige, Warm Beige, Sable, and Chestnut.

Once you apply this liquid foundation on your skin, it quickly turns into powder. That’s one of the features I like the most about this foundation. It just feels so natural after the application. For jus half a pump, you can get a decent coverage with Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation.

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It is the best foundation for oily skin and does a really good job at absorbing oil. The product information states that it lasts longer. It is true, as it lasted for 7 to 8 hours on my face before I could see any shine. However, some friends have had shine appear slightly earlier (in about 6-7 hours). Regardless of all that, I still think that it is one of the best foundations available out there for oily skin. The finish it provides is just amazing and looks so natural. It is the liquid foundation I highly recommend.

Application is super easy as well; you can just apply it with your fingers. One of the good things about liquid foundations is that you can apply them with fingers, sponge or foundation brush. For this product, however, using a sponge isn’t recommended.

Using a liquid foundation brush is highly recommended to blend this product well into your skin. If you want airbrush finish, then you definitely want to apply this product with Hourglass No. 2 Foundation brush. It is a good investment to achieve an amazing look.

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There you go, I hope this review helped you understand this product a little better. This liquid foundation can save you a lot of times as you won’t have to apply pressed powder throughout the day. It keeps oil and shine under control and gives you natural matte finish. For more good foundations, feel free to check out our homepage.

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How to Apply Liquid Foundation – Step By Step Guide

Liquid foundation is one of those products that can be quite difficult or boring to apply. In this short guide, I’m going to show how to apply liquid foundation. Most liquid foundations are constantly changing, and basic routine just doesn’t do it. It may seem like a tedious task for some. Once you apply the liquid foundation, and feel that you have everything done correctly, even a small interruption can make it all go astray. For example, if there is product left in your brush from previous application, and it has solidified, it can mess up your look for the rest of your day.

Like many of you, even I have tried hundreds of different methods of applying liquid foundations. I have tried different kinds of foundation, different brushes, and all kinds of other stuff. But in the end, I have finally found a method that works for me. Now what works for may not work for you, but I will share it with you all to try anyways. What follows below is the best way to apply liquid foundation according to me.

  1. Pick Your Favourite Liquid Foundation
    Firs thing first, take that favourite liquid foundation of yours. If you do not have a favourite foundation that you use, or are having a trouble picking the best liquid foundation for yourself, then check out this page. On that page we compare top brands, and based on user ratings, we have listed the best foundations. I’m sure you will find the right foundation there.
    Ok, so once you have the liquid foundation that you like, pour a small amount on your hand (or palette). The amount you need depends on your skin. I usually take amount less than the size of a nickel or a quarter.
  2. Take a Dense Brush
    Now, to apply the foundation on your face, you need a dense foundation brush with a flat-top. Take the brush and dip it into foundation you have on your hand. Dip the products on your nose first, then your cheeks, then borders of your face, and lastly the chin. Note that one dip into the foundation should be enough to dot all of these areas I mentioned.
  3. Nose is Starting Point
    With brush in your hand, start stippling at the nose. Cover the small areas and then gradually move to the cheeks. Once cheeks are done, move to the face borders. You want to be stippling products toward the center of your face. Now do the same with your chin.
  4. With Remaining Foundation on Your Brush
    With what is now left on your brush, you want to cover the area above the top and bottom of your lips. At this point, you want to avoid stippling the area where you have smile lines. We will come back to this later.
  5. Forehead
    Now take some more products onto your brush, and cover the forehead. Make sure you cover it all the way into your hairline, or it may look weird. Your hairline is as noticeable as your jawline, so make sure you cover it well and properly. At this point, your entire face should be covered, except smile lines.
  6. Area Below Jawline
    Take whatever amount of product that is left on your hand (shouldn’t be too much), and dot it on the area below your jawline. Stipple it upwards and connect it with the product on your face. Once that is done, fade the bottom part with your neck so that product’s isn’t visible. Also stipple the area where your ears connect to the face.
  7. Stipple Entire Face
    Now you want to stipple the entire face. Use whatever amount of product left on your hand and apply it. This will make sure that the foundation is distributed evenly at all surfaces. This is the time when you cover your smile lines. When you stipple over your smile lines area, it will only apply a small amount of foundation. As a result, your smile lines won’t crease.
  8. Buffing
    Once your entire face is covered, you want to buff it with the same brush going in clockwise circular motion. This will blur any imperfections you might have, and also remove any extra product on your face. As a result, it will give you even and natural looking skin-tone.
  9. Let is Set
    Let the foundation set for a while (give it about 3-5 minutes). Once the time period is over, blot all over your face using a tissue. Buff off any area where you feel the product have creased.
  10. Apply the Powder
    You now want to finish it off by applying some loose powder with a puff. Apply any other products that you usually apply after the foundation and you are done!

I know this guide is long but the whole process only takes about 5-8 minutes once you get used to it. I hope you enjoyed reading this how to apply liquid foundation guide, and it helps you obtain even looking skin-tone. Feel free to share your best way to apply liquid foundation with us all.

How to Select and Use a Foundation for Oily Skin

Oily skin can makes it difficult for make-up to stay longer on the face. If you are here reading this article, then you know what I mean and you want a solution for that. The purpose of this article is to help you select a foundation for oily skin, teach you how to apply it on your skin for longer lasting, and also show you a skin cleansing routine that helps people with oily skin.

Making your make-up last longer on oily skin can be a difficult job unless you know what works with your skin and how to use your skin care products properly. Some people give up or reduce the amount of make-up they use just because of the oily skin. Let me give you some tips which can help you manage oil on your skin, and at the same time, allow you to apply the make-up you desire.

Use Appropriate Facial Cleanser

First thing you want to do is cleanse your skin properly. Make sure you select a facial cleanser that is specially made for oily skin. This will help cut down some of the oil. Not only does it reduce the amount of oil on your skin, it also clears the pores which is a very important step in its own. Clogged pores are never good and may cause skin complications.

Picking the Right Moisturizer

After properly cleansing your face, you want to apply a good moisturizer. Once again, you should be selecting products that are oil free. You don’t want more oil on your skin than you already have. Another thing I want to mention about oil-free moisturizers is that just because they are oil-free doesn’t mean they will work for you. Not all formulas work with your specific skin type. So, try one for a bit, if it doesn’t work, change it! People with oily skin have tried body butter in the past with good result. You may want to give that a shot and see if it helps.

Make-up Primer and Foundation for Oily Skin

When you apply a foundation on oily face, you notice that it does not stay in its place for very long. It makes your face appear cakey. What you need for that is a make-up primer. A make-up primer can help you hold everything together on your face so that it appears good with even skin-tone. Make sure to select an oil-free primer (also anti-shine).

Primer for the Eyes

Another thing that ladies often experience is eye make-up creasing. Creasing above the eyes is very common with women who have dark circles. What they tend to do is apply a concealer before they put on the makeup for oily skin. That is one thing you should avoid if you have oily skin. Instead of using a concealer, you need to pick a primer that is specially designed for your eyes (eyelids). Applying a primer designed for eyelids creates that perfect base you need for the rest of the make-up. Not only that, it also absorbs the oils produced by your skin throughout the day.

Too Much Powder is Not Good

Another thing that you can do to control oil on your face is to not apply too much powder. It has been known that applying too much powder can cause the pores to release more oil. As a result, it makes your skin even oilier. Always use a matte translucent formula for powder and apply it only where it is needed (shiny areas). Using that formula can significantly reduce the shine and keep your skin-tone even.

Save Make-up from Water

Last but not the least, buy makeup products that are waterproof, water-resistant and last longer once applied. These kinds of make-ups tend not to crease or give your cakey appearance. Also, it is always a good idea to keep some blotting papers handy. If the above tips do not work for you, or not work for you for longer period of time, then you can always use blotting papers to suck away some of that oil on your skin.

In conclusion, I hope the tips I shared help you control the oil on your face and maintain your make-up. It is very important that you select your skin-care products carefully. Always select oil-free makeup foundation for oily/greasy skin and apply it after using a make-up primer.